Private Strippers vs Strip Clubs

Think about how much fun it was at the strip club with you and your friends last time you went.  Sure you always spend way to much money, and even sometimes get a bit to drunk.  Maybe you have never been to one yet?  Regardless it is very simple, if you could some how save yourself all that hassle, but deliver the same great experience with limitless possibilities.

Think about it this way, if your in a big city like Las Vegas.  You could  go to one of the Best Las Vegas Strip Clubs on the Sin City strip.  This would require a few steps here…

  1. Drive to the club (or call/pay for ride)
  2. Entry fee, or 2 drink requirement (at most clubs)
  3. Dances + Tips
  4. Drinks
  5. Call/Pay for a ride home (or risk DUI, not drink)

Now that is just the process, lets not forget the loud music, crowds of people.  Plus I can be honest, not all the best people can be found around those clubs.

This is why its easy to come to a simple conclusion on this question.  I would rather hire Las Vegas Strippers for private adult entertainment in my hotel room or home.  This way, I save all those steps and only pay her tips/hourly fee and for dances.  I can relax in my own space, drink my own average priced drinks.. and invite or not invite anyone I want!  Plus most places offer two girl specials, be sure to ask if they have one :)

Las Vegas Girls to the room

Are you seeking some companionship in Las Vegas, Nevada?  Ever hear of an Escort?  If these are questions you find yourself answering yes to, then give a beautiful sexy young girl a shot.  Las Vegas is also known as Sin City for a reason!

Sure you can try to fight the large crowds at the Strip Clubs, or deal with over priced drinks and lap dances from beautiful Strippers.  But lets face it, for the same exact experience and BETTER!  You can enjoy all of this in the privacy of your own hotel room, with or without friends and company from a couple.  Hiring beautiful Las Vegas girls to the room you can really have the time of your life with sexy woman for an hourly rate.

You may ask, but aren’t escorts illegal?  No, they are paid companionship.  Nothing more, and nothing less.  The laws state you can only pay her for her time, and in return she can provide fully nude dances, strip shows, lap dances, and even shows and more.  But Sex is something two happy adults have to consent to.  But lets face it, if your having fun and she’s having fun.  Enjoy yourself in Sin City, there are tons of Las Vegas Escorts and escort agencies to choose from.